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Terms, Conditions and Privacy for all general use of our website:
We are a New Zealand owned and operated website.
Members must be 18 years or above in age to use this website.
Prohibited Content
No tobacco, alcohol products, religious, gambling, firearms, pornography, tattooing or adult products are allowed to be advertised on this website. We reserve the right to remove any whatsoever listing we choose.
Copying Content:
The only purpose that we give permission for content from this site to be copied is to the buyers printing/reproducing product and shop information for the purpose of communication between the sellers / buyers and to promote our website. Copying the content and design of this website is prohibited. Please note there is software installed on this site that can trace such suspicious behaviour.
If you need any assistance using our website please contact us.
Please be aware we have a high standard of quality we expect from the presentation of advertisements submitted to our website. Listings that are not formatted correctly and have poor quality photos included will not be published!™:
As an advertiser on our website you give us complete license/rights to reproduce your advertising including but not limited to; products, company logo, contact details etc. in conjunction with our trademarks and services.
It is required that each member using our services be sure to have their product information, business information, brand and product listings kept up-to-date on our website
The owner/s of cannot be held liable for content displayed on this website. Information is subject to change and may not be free from errors.
For advertising inquiries please contact us.
Retailers / businesses joining with the intention to advertise are required to pay their year membership fee on time. If membership fees are not paid, that users listings and account will be forfeited. 
General Public acting as buyers / browsers can join for free. 

By using our service, you acknowledge and agree that;
1. The owner of makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of any content found herein on the website.
2. The owner of disclaims any and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence or oversight (including any information, advertisement, any whatsoever fault in a website link/s or any other whatsoever reason) for any costs, losses, damages, negative publicity and expenses incurred by any person, including yourself and/or organisation, in result from the use of or reliance on the content on the website.
If a subscription lapses the listings associated with that account will also be removed. So please keep an eye on your subscription to make sure it is up-to-date.
Members are responsible for keeping their listings up-to-date.
We are currently in a beta testing stage of our service. We appreciate if you would please notify us if you experience any technical problems and we will work on rectifying as soon as possible.
All images and content on this website are protected by copyright laws. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce in whole or in part any article information found on this site. The only exclusion given is for printing/reproducing property information for personal use only.
We require that members upload high quality images because low quality images not only have a negative effect on listing but also degrades the quality and presentation of our overall website. We reserve the right to remove and/or not publish a listing that does not comply with our quality expectations.
A company's logos/branding is uploaded by businesses who are members of this website. As a member of this website you give permission to the owner to use screenshots taken by which may display your logo. Screenshots of this website are generally used to promote either by form of print or electronic media (including on and other websites). By permitting your logo/branding to be displayed on our site you acknowledge that your logo may be seen in screenshots of the website and you give permission to the owner of this website to display your logo within a screenshot of to promote that your company advertises with us and/or uses our services, without any whatsoever liability.
We are located in New Zealand based in Blenheim, Marlborough. We provide email support during the times stated on our contact page. If we are unavailable to assist you via phone at any given time, please leave a message and/or email us and we will be in contact as soon as possible. We also provide access to online tutorials to help members to use our website within a member's log-in area.
Only Subscription Members of are welcome to use our logo to accompany their print and online advertisements (with no charge). The only purpose you can use our logo for is to promote that you use our service as a product/business marketing tool. This permission is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
1. If using our logo online, you must accompany our logo with a link to The link must be a direct link between our website and our subscriber's website. The link must not redirect clients through a third party site. If in print you must distinguish that your business is separate to
2. Branding;
a. As a subscriber using our logo you must ensure that any branding is clearly separated (and larger in size) from any trademarks;
b. you must not imply or state that certifies or endorses any product, service or activity related or not to your organisation;
c. Any material including the must not contain any advertising pornography or adult products on the same page; and
d. your trademarks and logos must be clearly distinguished from the website logo.
3. You acknowledge and agree that any trademark and intellectual property rights in belong to the website owner.
a. You will not use our logo in a way that will hinder our reputation;
b. You are only permitted to use our logo as specifically permitted by these terms and conditions.
c. you agree to abide by these rules if you use our logo alongside your agent, agency and/or company advertising
d. no other organisation / third party, who is not an approved subscriber of, may use our logo without prior written approval of the owner of
4. may withdraw permission to use its logo at any time by giving written notice.
5. These terms & conditions many change &/or up-date from time-to-time without notice.
We use our Facebook page as an avenue of marketing our website As an advertiser on you agree that we can promote any whatsoever of your advertisements, products and logos via our Facebook, Linkedin and other social media website pages (for example, "Featured Product/Item" &/or "Featured Shop") and in any whatsoever print marketing we use to promote that you use without liability or legal action. This may at times include us uploading an image to our Facebook page which you submitted in a Product Profile &/or Shop Profile on
Our Facebook and Linkedin pages are generally used to promote the "Featured Product/Item" and the "Featured Shop" and other news, but is not limited to this. When we promote products/items and/or Shop profiles on our Facebook / Linkedin pages we also usually add a link directing people to the advertisement on our website. By using our website you release us from any what so ever liability from incorrect links. The posts on our Facebook page are public and can be shared to other Facebook user's pages and commented upon by and Linkedin and other social media or websites etc. users.
By being a subscriber of our website you approve for us to promote your advertisements and/or shop profile and that you are a member of our website via our Facebook, Linkedin and any other whatsoever social media page &/or print advertising material. We relinquish any and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence or oversight, including any information we added or additional information added by other users, advertisements, any whatsoever fault/incorrect website links/statements or any other whatsoever reason) for any costs, losses, damages, prosecution, negative publicity and expenses incurred by any whatsoever person, including yourself and/or organisation, in result from the use of or reliance on the content on or added to, our Facebook/Linkedin/any whatsoever social media page/posts and on the websites and print marketing materials in general.
To see our Facebook page please click here:
As a user of you agree to receive emails from time to time from us from time to time. Your email is not given to third parties.
We do not sell or give private information to any third party.
Please note that when sending an email the following user info is also sent to admin: User: IP Address, Browser, Operating System, Screen resolution, Last page viewed.
The owner of this website owns a number of trademarks which we may at time market to our website users.
No third Party is permitted to frame or mirror our website or legal action will be taken!
Please Note: Our Terms and Conditions may change or be added to from time-to-time.
Some images on this website are attributed to and and cover photo credit via contributed by 


If you wish for your data to be removed from any of our websites or retrieval systems please contact us via the form on the following page


This notice applies to all websites we own and operate, plus all the services provided by us to our clients, website visitors, customer enquiries and so on.

This notice applies to all identifiable personal data about you, collected by us when you use our services, visit our websites, customer contact forms, platform user registration etc.

Personal Data

When you visit our websites or use our services we may collect personal data from you. For example when you sign up to our services, free trials, visit our websites, make contact via our customer enquiry forms, telephone etc. Some of the information we collect from you that you provide to us directly may include your name, phone number, address, bank account details, payment information, comments, enquiries etc. You don't have to share all this personal information with us, however you may not be able to use the services we provide without doing so. Without collecting personal data from you we may not be able to provide all our products and services to you.

If you delete your personal information it may not be removed from our immediate backup systems.

If you decide share and display your personal data publically through our services, it is most likely to be picked up by search engines.

Automatic Data

We also collect some information automatically when you use our services, visit our websites and contact us i.e. your IP address, host name, web browser and device being used at the time. Our system also automatically records statistical information about visitors such as pages visited, hits, links clicked, countries, search results, user sign-in, referral urls and other information you have view in relation to our services and billing etc. This information helps us improve our services to our customers and collects figures of how popular our websites are. Some of this information is used by third party software technologies that we have installed into our websites to track user information automatically. Automatic data is also used by software in our websites to analyse the traffic to our websites.

Some of the extensions and services we use may include cookies. You can choose to set your browser to block cookies, however our services may not function properly with it switched off.


We do our best to offer an exceptional service and safeguard our clients and potential customers by using the best software extensions made by third parties, we are able to resource at the time. We use SSL services to help keep our websites and user information secure. However we cannot be held liable for any whatsoever business provider of software that has fraudulently deceived us in its service provided to us for retaining our clients and our clients personal data. We cannot be held liable for any third party hacking of our websites and any whatsoever third party retrieving data though hacking or system bugs. We use the information we collect to improve and maintain our services to our users.

From-time-to time and in accordance with our legal obligation we may collect information about you from publicly available third parties. Without collecting personal data we may not be able to provide all our products and services to you.

If you believe someone has entered your information into our system without your consent, please contact us.

How your data is used by us;

The main goal of our business is to use your personal data to provide you with the best possible service, products and support. We may also use your data to communicate with you i.e. send marketing to you, sales calls, emails, provide resources and information, system communications, feedback, provide our services and technical support.

We also use your data for improving our services by tracking and monitoring the use of our websites so we can provide a better service to our customers and to help protect our websites from fraudulent or harmful activity.

We may use your information in reports about our website performance and use. This information may be stored by and presented to third parties in a statistical manner. General stats are also displayed publicly on our some of our websites.

How we share your data

We may find at times we need to share your data with third parties.

This may include;

law enforcement, government agencies or other third parties when we believe it is appropriate.

A potential buyer and its agents or investor in our business.

Third parties, contractors and developers who assist us in using personal data collected by the technologies we use. These may include international developers in countries outside of New Zealand and Australia.

Our business owners along with their spouses and immediate family, partners, contractors, website developers, business advisors, our wholesale technical service provides (i.e. hosting, domain name administrator providers) and employees.

Other third parties (with your consent).

We do our best to keep your personal data secure.

The length of time we store your data depends on the legal requirements (i.e. tax laws) and the type of data and the services we offer. If we no longer need to store your data we will delete it. If you wish for your data to be deleted and we are legally able to, please contact us.


If you do not wish to receive marketing communications please contact us and ask us not to send you these. If you wish to update, know what personal data we hold about you, request a copy or object please contact us. We will review and investigate any complaint and respond in reasonable time. You can also complain to your local data protection authority.

We are always happy to hear from you, please feel free to contact us about any of the above or to provide feedback. Thank you.


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